Fill Your Venue Using Pokémon GO

We can’t get enough of Pokémon GO at HoldMyTicket. Seems like someone's always luring Pokémon here to the office. It's gotten us on our feet more often for a coffee break or a walk around the block. The hype of this game is still very real.

Procrastination aside...did you know Pokémon GO could also bring more people into your venue? Your spot could be THE spot to play!

To explain the craze...

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Pokémon GO launched a few weeks ago for free on iPhone and Android. It achieved over 30 million downloads as of last week and now is in 31 countries. Check out these stats of the game blowing other social media apps out of the water.

Here's how it works: The player creates a character that walks around in a simulation of their actual surroundings. Pokémon roam around for them to catch, raise, and then battle. Everything is plotted on real-world locations, so the players actually have to be on foot. Here's the important vocabulary:

  • PokéStops: Checkpoints at places of interest like notable buildings, art installations, and monuments around town. They're used to power up and collect special items that help players catch Pokémon and advance their trainer level.

  • Gyms: Larger checkpoints where players battle their Pokémon. These places are less frequent around town and are generally well-known establishments within a community. Players tend to spend more time here. If your establishment is a Gym, you're in luck.

  • Lures & Lure Modules: Items that can be placed on a PokéStop for a duration of 30 minutes to attract Pokémon who are hiding in the area. Lures are free and are earned from gameplay. Lure Modules, which are much more powerful, can be purchased in the app for 100 PokéCoins (99 cents).

Pokémon for business?


Interestingly, there isn’t a marketplace for businesses to tap for ad placement yet. You have to set yourself up as a player and have access to the same stuff that any regular user buys.

Creatively, you can still market this way. You just have to play the game.

Bring the players to you


Lures have about a 15-meter radius. If your venue is near any notable art installations or landmarks there's a good chance there is a PokéStop and players near you, and you can use a Lure.

Any players can see your username stamped on the Lure. It's a cool social element where you're acknowledged for your well-spent 99 cents. A word of advice: make your venue's name your username so people recognize you.

A technique called farming lets you utilize areas that have a lot of PokéStops to place multiple Lure Modules at once and draw an unavoidable amount of Pokémon into that area.

Be open to the game. Offer rewards.


Fortunately, you're facing a prime audience for live events! You're drawing in young people who are already out and about. Especially if you're farming, players are doing some high-intensity catching. They're earning the break time to migrate to your establishment and enjoy your show.

  • Use the hype of Pokémon to advertise, and don't forget the personal touch of your venue. Rock bar? "We only accept Rock types here"
  • If you are near that Pokéstop, advertise it! Clear and simple. There. Are. Pokémon. Here.
  • Offer incentives, like discounted entry or a free/discounted drink, to players based on their trainer levels. (For example, Level 5 is an achievable, but still exclusive level)
  • If you have plentiful Pokémon inside: Do a photo contest at the event. Players have to snap the best shot of a Pokémon at your venue, then tag your venue on Instagram. Reward them later on your social media with tickets to another show, or see if the band would want to join in by announcing the winner onstage and do a meet & greet.
  • If you're in a Pokémon dead zone: Mobilize. Place Lure Modules at other locations with high Poké-traffic and place offers there. Use a poster or flyer that has a QR code that leads to promo tickets. Spread the word via social media or newsletter: “We’ve placed some lures around downtown. Catch Pokémon and find our flyer. Scan the code for $5 off tickets! Valid from 7-10 pm tonight!"

Hey tour guides, get in on this


Attention all walking city tours, trolleys, and nature hikes: Chances there are already Pokéstops on your tour! Do you focus on historical buildings, murals, or nature spots? So does this game.

You and GO share the goal of shedding a new light on a city or area, which is great! Just embrace that, at moments, the group's attention may shift from the history of this 100 year-old building to the Zubat in the tree next to it.

  • Make sure everyone can play. Invest in a mobile hotspot and get everyone on your wifi.
  • Carry a mobile USB charger so players can charge their phone if they're running low on battery.
  • Help them level up and pause the tour when a rare Pokémon appears.
  • A member of the group’s egg just hatched in its incubator? Celebrate!
  • Pokémon GO PLUS, the game's bluetooth accessory, is releasing at the end of this month. If you’re really feeling generous purchase one and reward the person with the most Pokémon caught by the end of the tour.

Pokémon nights


Pokémon courtesy of [deviantart]( and [Pokémon Wiki](

If you’re fortunate enough to have a PokéStop or a Gym on location, make that your event! It's a perfect theme for your more low-key event coming up - maybe your weekly karaoke night.

  • Promote: Add a Pokémon-themed twist to your usual flier and make it known that this is a special event for players.
  • Place Lure Modules for the span of your event. They can't be scheduled, so set a reminder for yourself to place a new module every 30 minutes.
  • If you really want to go all out: decorate, serve a themed drink, use your projector to stream related videos.

There you have it: a Pokémon party at your venue.

*You are not too late to use this game for your business!*


Pokémon has brought a new twist to in-app marketing - you’re sharing goods (like Lures) and adding value to customers (like Trainer Levels) in a virtual space (Pokémon GO), while advertising on the ground.

The Pokémon Go community is still an expanding variety of people. What better way to increase your customer base, personalize your venue, and build a rapport with existing and potential event-goers.

Too Long; Didn't Read?

Spend 99 cents and attract new customers, or keep them entertained during your show!

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Introducing: A Brand New Checkout Experience on HoldMyTicket

It's been a long time coming...many months of hard work and sweat to bring our users a whole new shopping interface. We will fully shift to our new design on March 1st, so read on to learn about what to expect:

Shopping cart

Customers can now add tickets to their cart and continue shopping for different events before checking out. After adding tickets to your event to their cart, they'll see the option to proceed to checkout, with some of your events recommended below. If you don't have any more published upcoming events, they'll be directed straight to checkout.


Users can continue shopping around, add more time to their cart and edit its contents from any page on


Now that users can shop to their heart's desire, transactions occur per venue. That is, if they're buying tickets for multiple events, especially for events at different venues, they can choose their preferred ticket delivery method for each ticket type, and be charged separately for each venue, while only submitting one purchase.


Charges that occur on HoldMyTicket will be transparent and easy to understand. Before submitting an order, a user will see the amount they will be charged, plus the way the charge would appear on their bank statement.


If you utilize HoldMyTicket's Stripe merchant account to handle your online sales, a credit card statement for tickets to your show would appear as "HldMyTckt - your venue name."

If you have your own merchant account through Stripe, you can now change how the statement would appear per venue in your Venue Settings. Under Venue Preferences scroll down to Payout Preferences:


*Note that while this will affect the credit card statements for most users, it will not necessarily be effective 100% of the time. The customer's bank has the ability to override the way that a transaction appears, regardless of the settings you choose for your own merchant account.

New look for your events and checkout

Your event page:


The new design includes an image header at the top of your page with your flyer to the right. A user can see the event description and select their tickets all on the same page.

The header will use the background image you upload in event settings in Spark, under the "Event Page" section.


If you don't upload an image here, it will take the default Checkout Page Masthead you have uploaded in your venue settings, under Branding/Identity, giving all of your events at your venue the same header image.


If you haven't uploaded an image in either of these places, the event page header will give a map to your venue.

Also enjoy the new design of checkout:


Any errors that might occur at checkout - a missing required field, invalid billing information - will give users an easy-to-understand error message to help them quickly solve the problem and get their tickets.

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 1.39.08 PM


The new interface now offers upselling like it never did before, and it keeps users looking at your events.

To manage which events you upsell and when, use the new Promoted Events tool in your Event Overview. Choose specific events to be presented to your ticket buyers, and choose how many. Otherwise, upsold events will simply be organized by tags, which you can also take care of in your Event Overview.



Improved interactive seating charts

Seating charts now enable full screen view. On both Web and mobile, users can make no mistake in understanding your venue's arrangement and choosing the exact tickets they want.

Now a user can click into one section then click straight into another without having to zoom back out.


Selecting seats places tickets in a drawer on the left, where the user can choose the ticket type they want, if you have set up different ticket types (such as child, adult, or member rates) to apply to the same seat.

No more impossible-to-tap seats on the mobile site. Mobile users can pinch and zoom on their screen to make that seat as big as they need in order to tap it.


Reserving seats is also more reliable: Browsing and clicking seats does not claim a seat until clicking "Add to Cart." When you have multiple people using your seating chart at once, as soon as one user adds a seat to their cart, that seat will disappear from view for all other users on that page.

Try it out, let us know!

As always, nothing helps us more than your feedback. We are excited to apply our new design to your event pages and improve the overall experience on HoldMyTicket. We owe our knowledge and development to the needs of our users, so keep helping us help you!

We're so proud of our girl, Holly Holm

The HMT Team got together last weekend for our traditional team "outing." This time we stayed in the office, and we witnessed...





Nov. 14's UFC 193 matchup with Albuquerque's own Holly Holm and (then) world champion Ronda Rousey made our hometown explode with excitement and "burque pride." Nothing excites burqueños more than food, beer and a win by one of our own that changes UFC history!


Here are a few bets that went down between Holm and Rousey supporters:

  • Not one, but two bottles of Jameson
  • A car wash
  • Coffee duty for a month
  • A bottle of tequila that must cost at least $100


That same night, the Sunshine Theater had a show just a few floors below our office. You can usually feel any noise as mild as a sound check when a show is getting started, but when Rousey took that end-all kick to the head, HMT shook the building.


Holly's name will be chanted around this town and our office for a long time!


Client Newsletter - September 2015


It's been another busy month here at HoldMyTicket. We have just launched some new features and improvements to the HoldMyTicket platform for you to enjoy. Here we go:

Spark is now Mobile Friendly!

Whew! Its been a long time coming, we finally made SPARK user friendly on your mobile device. Now you can get reports, edit tickets, and manage all of your events from your phone without pinching and zooming or yelling and screaming. Take a look at your account on your phone, we think you will be pleasantly surprised.

Mobile eTickets Revamped

We made some slight modifications to the mobile eTicket allowing for faster loading, better readability, swiping between multiple tickets, and optimized size of QR code. Next time you see a customer come in with a mobile ticket, be sure to take a look!

Calendar Subscriptions

We made it easy to subscribe to other iCal feeds, whether they are public or private. You will just need to know the URL of the iCal feed, and it will appear alongside your events in SPARK. This is helpful for getting a list of holidays or internal office events. If you want to subscribe to US holidays, use this URL:

SPARK Inline Notes, Announcements, On-Sales

Now you can easily toggle the scheduled event announcements and on sales within your view of your upcoming events. Just toggle the buttons in the upper right of the list to see when things are going to be announced and sales are turned on. If you have created internal notes within SPARK, they will also show here as long as they have been tagged with a date. This is really useful if you want to create reminders for upcoming events and tasks.

User Guides

We fully revamped and organized our user guides making it easier than ever for you to learn about our latest features and best practices. The search feature is a great way to find exactly what you are looking for. We plan on adding more and more guides as we can. Please feel free to request new user guides you would like to see. Go ahead and take a look at our Docs to learn something new!

Embeddable Widgets

We just added three new embeddable widgets to give you more options when it comes to displaying event information on your websites:

  • Just announced!
  • Now on Sale!
  • Event Tickets

HoldMyTicket Video

We are excited to share our new video. We feel it shows the culture and type of company we have become over the years. We want to thank all of our clients for the support and encouragement. Thanks to the guys at Marble Street Studio, they did a fantastic job!

You can see the video here.

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