at The Adobe Bar

October 25, 2012 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm
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Time: 7:00pm     Day: Thursday     Ages: All Ages    
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The StereoFidelics blend jaw-dropping improvisation and extreme instrumental choreography:  Watching Chris Padget play intricate bass lines with his feet while at the same time building an energetic melody on guitar is an amazing show for the eyes and ears! Melissa McGinley plays kit drums and violin simultaneously at breakneck speed...amazing!  Added bonus - The Stereofidelics are easy on the eyes!   Lindsay Van Osten of The RED BANANA says in her recent review, "the level of emotional dedication that pours out of the music is extraordinary. They are the definition of Indie."

Imagine you’re back in time enjoying the groove and virtuosity of 70’s art-rock band, then hurled decades forward, colliding with the energy and intensity of today’s indie rock scene.  There’s unexpectedly powerful jazzy female vocals intertwined with a strong, satin-smooth male voice.  Thumping synth basslines and popping, funky drumbeats drive the skillfully intricate guitar playing and explosions of electric violin string-shredding.  Reflecting their influences of past and present (including Frank Zappa, Led Zeppelin, the Talking Heads, Arcade Fire, and the White Stripes), the StereoFidelics avoid performing with loops, computers, and digital effects in favor of the more organic approach of using Moog Taurus pedals, scat vocal solos, and multi-instrumentalism. You see, the fast-fingered guitar player (Chris Padgett) keeps the basslines pounding through a one-octave floor keyboard, the tiny female vocalist (Melissa McGinley) is also the drummer; he sings too, and she plays violin.  They perform with a natural passion and synchronicity that not only dispels any association with the herky-jerky one-man-band cliché, but post-performance, leaves their audience sympathetically exhausted and dripping with sweat.

Known for booking their own tours, designing album covers, screen printing tour t-shirts, and even making some of their onstage clothing, StereoF is a do-all whirlwind of creative energy. Relentless touring of the US and calling their van home for much of the time (performing around 200 shows per year) has gained the StereoFidelics a dedicated following around the country.  Their recent studio release, You Are Having a Wonderful Time, receives solid airplay from college and community radio stations coast-to-coast. They have performed at clubs and festivals with Love Tractor, Future Man, Donna the Buffalo, Enter the Haggis, Rubblebucket,, That 1 Guy, and Jackyl among others.

Chris Padgett–electric guitar, acoustic guitar, foot-operated synth-bass, vocals
Melissa McGinley–electric violin, drums, vocals

Melissa’s 5-string electric violin is a NS Designs CR-5