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January 14, 2013 9:00 pm - 12:00 am
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Glossary – Long Live All of Us
Co-released by Last Chance Records and This Is American Music
Release Date - October 4, 2011

The phrase “Long Live All of Us” is the title of Glossary’s seventh full-length album, but it’s
also meant as an all-inclusive homage to humanity. Frontman Joey Kneiser says, in light of all
the bad things happening in the world, the band just wanted to make a positive record.

Long Live All of Us allowed the band from Murfreesboro, Tennessee, to take their influences
farther than ever before, adding piano, haunting pedal steel, R&B-influenced horns and more
to their own style of romanticized rock & roll. The songs are well-intentioned narratives that
emphasize the great attributes of mankind — mercy, redemption, forgiveness and second

Over a period of one month, the band transformed a house in rural Rockvale, Tennessee, into a
recording studio and self-produced Long Live All of Us with friend and engineer Mikey Allred.
The setting, joked Kneiser, would have fit perfectly into a Glossary song. The house was
sandwiched between a church and a condemned meth lab, which was still wrapped in police

Previous records — like 2010’s Feral Fire on Lucero’s Liberty & Lament label — were all
recorded in 10 days or less, and were made to have a live feel. For the first time ever, the band
had the luxury of time on its side.

“That’s the rock & roll dream…to live in a house and write and record together all day,” says
Kneiser. “It allowed us a chance to experiment, and if you really wanted to do something you
could take the time to make it happen. It was really one of the greatest creative experiences that
I’ve ever had.”

The result is a hodgepodge of American music, similar to the Rolling Stones’ Exile on Main
Street or the Clash’s London Calling — records that spanned many different musical genres. For
example, Long Live All of Us switches from a Gospel-influenced song to a hopping, R&B-styled
groove, and then to a crawling, country-tinged ballad and on to a soulful, up-tempo rock song.
Jim Spake (Al Green, Alex Chilton, John Hiatt, Lucero … so many more) and Nahshon Benford
(Snowglobe, Lucero) both from Memphis added horns on several tracks, including jaunty, Stax-
like rhythmic horns on “A Shoulder to Cry On” and a lyrical baritone sax solo on “Under the
Barking Moon.”

“In the end,” Kneiser says, “when everything around us is constantly reminding us of what we’re
doing wrong, we just wanted to remind us of what we’re doing right.”

“The best thing that we have going as human beings is each other,” he says.

Glossary is 
Bingham Barnes, 
Kelly Kneiser,
Joey Kneiser
,Todd Beene
 and Eric Giles.

Telegraph Canyon

Home: Fort Worth, Texas

Telegraph Canyon was voted the #3 Best Area Concert in the Dallas Observer’s Top 10 Best Concerts
of 2009. Among other acclamations the band’s ‘09 release (produced by Will Johnson - Centro-Matic,
South San Gabriel) received, ‘The Tide and The Current' was voted #1 local album of 2009 by Dallas
Observer, Dallas Morning News, Fort Worth Star-Telegram and Reel Roots (Netherlands), Top 10
Texas Albums by KERA (NPR) and Best Area Album Release of the 2000’s by Dallas Observer. The
song, “Shake Your Fist”, received #1 song of the year (Dallas Observer) and local song of the decade
(Fort Worth Weekly).

Opening for Broken Social Scene, Built to Spill, Old 97‘s, Dawes, Fanfarlo, Drive By Truckers, Ra Ra
Riot, Toro Y Moi and Ryan Bingham, the band is making waves and quickly winning over new fans. In
support of 'The Tide and the Current', Telegraph Canyon toured the west coast, Midwest and Europe. The
band is working hard on a new record and hopes to share it with you later this year. Once that happens,
chances are they'll be in a city near you!

For quick reference, tags like Southern Gothic and Dark Folk could be applied, but none of those convey
the earnestness, yearning, and desperation of these recordings. Telegraph Canyon combines compelling
songwriting with layers of driving, dynamic sounds only to, at times, strip it all away and expose a raw
and gentle undercurrent. There are sparse and quiet moments, and then there are explosions of sounds, all
underlined with an insanely personal connection. After a few listens, you start to feel as if the band is
playing these songs just for you.

"Best Of What's Next! - Paste Magazine

Eight Local Acts That Will Make An Impact At SXSW 2011 - New York Times

"Telegraph Canyon proved why it's one of the most essential bands in the entire state, never mind North
Texas. - DFW.Com

"Telegraph Canyon has risen to the position of being a local institution." -

"This ain’t no country music or southern rock, folks. – The Tide and The Current is a big wonderful
melodic layered organized mess of sound – bridging indie-rock with folk, orch-pop and alt-country that
simply defies categorization. Ambitious, ornate, sprawling yet intimate...this one’s a keeper folks" WXPN

"The Buzz: Sprawling Fort Worth, TX septet write alarming small songs, ornamented with accordion and
violin - quiet little alt-country numbers that work their way toward irresistible choruses.
Listen If: You wish Ryan Adams would settle down a little, recruit six of his close friends and write that
way-out-west record you know he’s capable of.
Key Track: The quiet, yearning “Shake Your Fist,” where vocalist Chris Johnson’s searching tenor
stretches out long and pained over gently sparkling banjo and piano, directing the song into a riveting,
convulsive chorus."
- Rolling Stone

One of the most essential bands in the entire state, never mind North Texas. By now, Telegraph Canyon
has perfected the art of skating as close as humanly possible to upstaging headliners. -

Telegraph Canyon has risen to the position of being a local institution. The septet plowed through their
set with authority and even earned an encore – a unique accomplishment for an opening act – which
they performed acoustic at the very front of the stage. Judging by the standing ovation they received
after their set, one would think they were the nationally touring headliners performing Wednesday.
- SXSW 2010 Featured Artist

SXSW 2010 Austin Statesman Saturday Night Pick

"The Tide and The Current" #1 Album of The Year
Dallas Observer, Dallas Morning News, Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Real Roots (Netherlands)

"Shake Your Fist" #1 Song of The Year - Dallas Observer

"The Tide and The Current", Best Area Album Release of the 00's - Dallas Observer
"The Tide and the Current is a grabbing listen, thrashing listeners about at times, slowly coasting them
along at others. Credit Centro-matic's Will Johnson and his production for pulling this record out of the
Fort Worth seven-piece, but only so much: It's head songwriter Chris Johnson who truly shines here, his
affecting Texas/Louisiana drawl serving as the compelling centerpiece amidst an album filled with opulent
instrumentation and impeccable beyond-local-comparison arrangement."

Top 10 Best Concerts - #3 Telegraph Canyon / Old 97's at Ball Performance Hall - Dallas Observer
"In the cavernous 2,000-capacity room, which normally plays home to operas and symphonies, Telegraph
Canyon enraptured the slow-arriving audience with its carefully arranged, delicately preformed baroque
rock; Chris Johnson's voice trembled throughout the 11-year-old performance hall and the band's music
slowly built to crescendos that crept up to the rafters and wormed their way into the compelled crowd's
guts. It was an impressive debut for the band in a room such as this--something culled as much from the
jaw-dropping performance as from the crowd's enthusiastic applause at the end of each song."

#2 Album of The Year - Pegasus News and 102.1 (Clear Channel) The Edge

#10 Top Texas Album of The Year - KERA (NPR)
"pigeonhole-defying band that fuses brooding urgency with an ethereal intimacy reminiscent of the
Flaming Lips."

Top 10 Album of The Year - Fort Worth Star-Telegram (FW Star-Telegram) Top Stories of 2009 - "The Rise of Telegraph Canyon"

#6 Album of The Year - Radio Free Silver Lake

"Old Dark Hymns" and "Shake Your Fist" local songs of the decade - Fort Worth Weekly

Top music enjoyed in 2009 next to Thom Yorke, Avett Brothers, Atlas Sound. - D Magazine's Zac
"It would be a tragedy to misjudge their brilliance based upon anything you think you know for in that
moment lies the balance between what is and is not dead. Check them out the next time they come to smash
your village." - Branton Ellerbee / Zac Crain

Fort Worth Weekly Cover Story. Check it out here.

Rhett Miller recently told Sounds Country - "I really love Telegraph Canyon, from Fort Worth. Their new
record is great, really big, very cool. I watched them sound check the other day and they were like “We’re
getting some feedback from the tiny dog piano”, like it’s a completely normal instrument that everyone has.
A great big orchestrated adventurous sound.”

Music Fashion Magazine recently interviewed the band and now tweet about the band being one of their
favorites. Called the new record "nothing short of a masterpiece".

You're not in Austin tonight for ACL? That's okay -- one of the best bands in Texas isn't either. Telegraph
Canyon - a sure bet for lovers of The Arcade Fire, banjo, and stages chock full of musicians with deftly
bridled soul. - NBC Dallas/Ft. Worth

The Tide and The Current's best qualities... its artful ambiguousness. The average listener might have to
spin the record a couple of times to really absorb the subtleties that add up to the heart-wrenching, life-
affirming, mind-melting whole. The current will overtake you, rest assured, but at its own pace. The
album's arrival is a momentous occasion, not only for the band but for Fort Worth. National trendsetters
have been sniffing around here lately. If something's happening here, you can bet, Telegraph Canyon will
be leading the charge. - FW Weekly

Telegraph epic take on Americana that sits as comfortably with Broken Social Scene as it does
with Old 97’s, both of whom it’s opened for. - A.V. Austin (The Onion)

The Tide and The Current stands as one of the decade's without-a-doubt best - Dallas Observer

The space and warmth of early My Morning Jacket. This’ll be the sleeper set this weekend, the one we’ll be
talking about Monday morning. - San Diego Reader

Telegraph Canyon's new album is a triumph of musical alchemy. - QUICK / Dallas Morning News

The line at Lola's Saloon-Sixth was about 30 people deep and moving slowly...By the time Telegraph
took the stage, the room was positively electric. I've never seen an audience so enthralled with a band, and
I've never seen a band so enthralled with playing. At one point, Telegraph front man Chris Johnson and
violinist Tamara Cauble unplugged and stepped down into the middle of the crowd to play. The audience
hushed. And when they took the stage again, the crowd remained silent, raptly basking in the warmth of
every note. I've never seen a band lead a crowd like that, and it was amazing. I guess you had to be there.
I'm really glad I was. - FW Weekly

Ethereal in the way of Fleet Foxes and Band of Horses, The Current steeps its beauty in poignancy and
heartbreak. "A Light In The Field" is a soaring piece of space rock with its blistering guitars and Doves-ish
vocals.- Radio Free Silver Lake

Spaced out Americana RIYL My Morning Jacket, Centro-matic and Wilco. “Into the Woods” sounds like
an introduction–to a record, to a band, to a sound. -

The band creates an amazing authentic sound wave that makes your eardrum beats like it probably
never did before. If you like bands like Fleet Foxes, Bon Iver, The Low Anthem or My Morning Jacket,
than Telegraph Canyon is major league for you. No question ask this band rocks! - Real Roots Café /

This collective has the musical chops to quickly joining the ranks of indie favorites like Deer Tick and Or,
The Whale as well as larger stadium-filling acts like Son Volt, Wilco, Conor Oberst (and his Mystic Valley
Band), and My Morning Jacket. On The Tide and The Current, the band has presented the world with a
record overflowing with anthemic, passionate alt-country, complete with thick layers of rock and folk that
bolster the songs against the naysayers. -

A release that justifies everything else. The honesty of Neil Young...the open-heartedness of a voice like
Joe Cocker. One genius stroke of emotionally powerful and viscerally jarring music. The Tide and the
Current is a worthy listen; don’t let this be one of the releases you miss out on. -

The Texan six-piece act doesn't allow its big lineup to clutter its sound (also known as Arcade Fire
syndrome), and slips into an easy take on folk. If you're going to tune into this band, it'll be because of its
own merits, not because you're riding on a Jim James/M. Ward buzz from this summer. - Aversion

The Tide And The Current is an incredibly pleasant experience and highly recommended for fans of
the dark folk genres. I’d advise listening on a rainy night with your favorite set of headphones as the
experience is incredibly personal. -

An impressive debut for the band in a room such as this--something culled as much from the jaw-dropping
performance as from the crowd's enthusiastic applause at the end of each song. Once the band's time on
stage came to an end, the crowd rose from its chairs to offer the band a standing applause. Well after the
97's played, crowds were still approaching the band's merch table, looking to buy CDs and posters and
seeking the band's autographs." - Dallas Observer (Old 97’s show review)

Telegraph Canyon gave the headliners a run for their money, fashioning an explosive set out of
material from the just-released The Tide and the Current. Front man Chris Johnson, alternating between
banjo and acoustic guitar, led the seven-piece, Fort Worth-based combo through songs stormy and
stunning. Telegraph Canyon, likewise making its Bass Hall debut, displayed a confidence and bombast
marking them as stars on the rise. - Fort Worth Star-Telegram (Old 97’s show review)

Masterful. A thrilling, tightly focused tour de force that spans a range of genres. - Fort Worth Star-

The Tide and the Current captures a band evolving from first track to last, stepping up and grabbing hold
of what is rightfully theirs. In Telegraph Canyon’s case, that might just be the mantle of the region’s most
promising act — in any genre. It’s the perfect contradiction: A band very much engrained in the local scene
that, through the sheer force of its art and depth of skill, also stands apart from it. - Fort Worth Star-

A soul-bearing, deliberately paced, at-once epic and restrained force, beautifully arranged both in its
instrumentation and in its vocal harmonies. A surefire contender for best area release of 2009, the disc more
than solidifies the band's rightful place among the region's best - Dallas Observer

Fort Worth is all about Telegraph Canyon tonight. And if you dig Arcade Fire, the banjo, or musicians who
collaborate spontaneously with homeless dudes, you should be too. - NBC Dallas/Ft. Worth

Telegraph Canyon expertly blends the rustic, organic tones of harmonica, viola, organ and acoustic guitar
with the technological muscle and intricately processed electronics - West Coast Performer

They navigate the pre-apocalyptic universe by the light of bright acoustic riffs and to the march of
thunderous beats, everything guided by the spirit of front man Chris Johnson's ominous, the end-is-near
lyrics - Fort Worth Weekly

Just got the new Telegraph Canyon album and LOVE it! If you like Fleet Foxes, you already love
Telegraph Canyon. - Music Fashion Magazine

This album shines brightly with the fervor of creative ingenuity -

If the Arcade Fire were a little more country and a little less Quebecois, the band would sound like fellow
apocalyptic ensemble Telegraph Canyon. - Seattle Weekly

A sprawling opus walking the tightrope between dark, Gothic sounding folk tunes and Americana....if by
reading the terms “folk” and “Americana” you are expecting a Wilco or Ryan Adams record then you will
be sorely disappointed. Like those two bands who took the folk/country/rock thing to a whole new level,
Telegraph Canyon equally turns the sound on it’s ear by creating a sound that is distinctive and completely
original. - Best of Texas Blog

I think the most accurate description of this band would defy any specific genre. It falls into a category
of music that I call "Gina Music". Named after one of my best friends, this category of music that
Telegraph Canyon surely belongs to is populated by the likes of The Shins, The Weakerthans, The New
Pornographers, and Of Montreal. I expect that when I share this CD with her, it will join heavy rotation
quite quickly. Telegraph Canyon's album is the best "Gina Music" album, I've heard in ages. - Decapolis

I was blown away. Telegraph Canyon takes My Morning Jacket’s alt-country-folk-roots-rock theme and
combines it with the wall-of-sound style of Arcade Fire. Mellower than Uncle Tupelo or the Old 97s, but in
a different way; heavier than My Morning Jacket or Deer Tick. - Musical Randomness

The genre blending gives this album a very full, lush sound while retaining a certain home-style feel to
the music. There is a somber feel throughout the album and a nice mellowness though the music isn’t
necessarily slow paced. An excellent sophomore album - WRUV (Burlington, VT)