dual album release party!

Dangerous Nonsense and Talk All Night

w/ Suzi HomewreKer and Doctype

at The Oriental Theater

Time: 9:00pm     Day: Friday     Doors: 8:00pm     Ages: All Ages     Price: $10
This Event Has Ended


11:00 pm
Talk All Night
10:00 pm
Dangerous Nonsense
9:00 pm
Suzi HomewreKer
12:00 pm
Talk All Night

"The songs are a perfect blend of dark, bright and dreamy and an earthy dance beat, and the music is vibrant, lush and immediately captivating." Tom Murphy - Westword Magazine

Members: KATE WARNER - production/beats/vox/keys LAYDEN BRYANT - vox/guitar JORDAN LEE - bass/heart BRADY SHAW - trap kit 

Dangerous Nonsense

"Dangerous Nonsense is one of those bands that most people struggle to describe, then end up referencing some kind of metal. There may be some of that inside the classical rhythmic structures the group employs from time to time — but its mixture of performance art, radical feminist and anti-capitalist lyrics and outsider post-punk is more akin to Poison Girls, the Raincoats and Crass. And this comparison is not made because the band is female-fronted or because of some other lazily observed, superficial fact. Rather, Dangerous Nonsense...embodies the same spirit of experimentation and political awareness that informed the music of those other acts. That, and the fact that this trio seems to perform its music with a glee perfectly suited to its often vitriolic lyrics." 

- Tom Murphy, Westword(Dec 13, 2011)

With an aggressive, radical emphasis on social justice reminiscent of the political punk of decades past, Dangerous Nonsense effectively fuses their deep passions with a raw, intriguing musicality that draws the listener in, forcing the listener to feel the mood they intend to set. Songs range from a deep growling "art-metal" (Jason Heller of the Westword) to dance-inducing pop ballads with an underlying message that will rock you to the core.

After releasing their first demo in January of 2009, this trio released their first album in May 2013! The all ages Album Release Show is May 24th, 2013, at the Oriental Theatre with Talk All Night, Suzi HomewreKer and Doctype.

Uniquely comprised of bass, percussion, emotionally driven and theatrical vocals (and the occasional flute and rape whistle), the heavy, intense, fun stage show these women put on will leave you panting for more.

Westword's Critic's Choice of December 2011, Dangerous Nonsense has played events like PRIDE, Titwrench Fest and venues across Colorado.

Upcoming shows: Album Release Show at The Oriental Theater May 24th - ALL AGES!

They always dress up in a costume that symbolizes some form of "dangerous nonsense," so come check out their newest social critique in costume form! 



Suzi HomewreKer


Suzi Miller is a punk rocker. She’s a fiery, pigtailed, brunette wild child — a lunatic, cartoon-voiced scooter girl with an obscene sense of humor — and she fronts her own Denver punk band: Suzi Homewreker.

The group is a loose three-piece fronted by Miller on vocals and electric guitar — she plays her short, frenetic, often humorous songs in the same full-on style that has defined her unpredictable life.



I began making music heavily in 2005 and focused primarily on hip-hop and trip-hop elements. After a year (2009) of intense moments, heavy travels, and overall rocking learning lessons, I have moved steadily onto producing, deep, textured, progressive style, bass heavy tunes, ranging from Dubstep through hip-hop! I love to move forward, wherever that may lead me. My promise is to always inject positivity, progression, and love into my tracks, and it makes me extremely happy to have a listen. So enjoy, keep in touch, and keep shining that awesome light onto the world! Peace.