The Caribou Room Presents

Todd Snider - SOLD OUT

with Rorey Carroll

at The Caribou Room

March 17, 2017 8:30 pm - 1:15 am
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Time: 8:30pm     Day: Friday     Doors: 7:00pm     Ages: 21+ Ages     Price: $20
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Friday, March 17, 2017

Fine Food @ 7:00 PM Show @ 8:30 PM

$20 ADV + Ticketing Fee


Happy Hour
7:00 - 8:00 PM

Fine Food and Drinks
$1 off all drinks 

$15 Dinner Special: Fish n' Chips ~ house beer battered served with fries, slaw, and tartar, CLASSIC and yes, we will have malt vinegar available, too!


todd snider 

by todd snider


i started making up songs in 1986. 

i made an album in 1994.

i also started a tour in 1994

and that tour is, in a way, still going.


i never made a record so good

that i could just sit home

or did a show so bad 

that i had to.

and man, i’ve done some shit shows,

shit albums too.

some of them are pretty good though,

but you know,

it’s been a while.

i really need to put out a good album soon

or i'm finished. 


sometimes these days i sing with a band.

i think we made a good album.

david schools of widespread panic is our leader.

i make up our lyrics....we’re a jam band.

our songs only go on about an hour or so but they’re still pretty long.


cool people jam with us all the time and we have like a million shirts and shit. 

i personally think we’re the seventh best band in the whole jam thing.


on this tour i am coming to town with nothing but my guitar and stories

like the old days.

you know...

pick a little

talk a little

pick a little

talk a little

cheap cheap cheap

talk a lot 

pick a little more.


and not to brag,

but i also wrote a book that everybody loves

so i am an author now.

plus i play everywhere,


pretty much all the time 

everybody shows up 


and they pretty much always love it. 

Rorey Carroll is a hobo, a convict, a former drug trafficker, an Appalachian-trail hiker and a train stowaway, but none of that quite compares to how bravely she talks about love. "It is as awkward as a teenage boy who just came in his pants," she sings on "Love Is an Outlaw," the title track off her sophomore LP. Well, damn. If you're in the market for easy moonlight metaphors, don't look here: Carroll, who so captivated Todd Snider that he signed on to release her album himself, mixes that daring discomfort with a casual, rasp-whisper delivery and chugging guitars, coming out like Gillian Welch's long- lost, more devilish little sister. It takes a real outlaw to be as arresting as this. M.M.