Meda 4 Metta Theater

A birthday jam extravaganza benefit party, featuring artists like: Chris Morel & Charlie Woehler, Ryan Nobody, Willy-Nilly, Ken McNamara, William Hall, Michelle McIntosh, Janay', Janelle Cordova, Ashleigh Grycner.

at Taos Mesa Brewing Mothership

March 16, 2018 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm
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Time: 7:00pm     Day: Friday     Doors: 6:00pm     Ages: All Ages / Bar with ID    
This Event Has Ended

My name is Meda, and this is the story of how Meda 4 Metta benefit show (taking place on March 16th at the Mothership) came to be.

I am a Graphic Designer & Events Organizer (and much to my surprise lately, a singer-songwriter :) that moved to Taos from New York City almost 2 years ago. One of the very first people I connected with here was Michelle McIntosh -who seeing my starry-eyed 10 year old (at the time :) Petra, encouraged me to talk to her husband Bruce McIntosh as he was giving these free acting classes for kids at Metta Theatre. Watching Petra (and several other kids in their class) flourish under Bruce's direction was a magic act in itself...  They put together several shows (one of which -LoQueVeo -was performed at TCA in 2017, leaving no dry eye in the house -as they brought on the stage words that kids in juvenile detention wrote...). So I guess it all came together as the next logical step, in my mind -to give back to the giver. As my birthday was coming up (and last year I already started a "trend" of sorts -in donating my Bday party for a greater cause - we celebrated "Bob Marley & I" at Ennui Gallery, as part of Black History Month), everything fell nicely into place when Dan Irion so graciously offered to help & host our show at the Mothership.

Metta Theatre's mission is to promote all aspects of local theatre, with an emphasis on working with young people, middle-school through 20’s in age. They offer a free young person’s weekly acting workshop, provide acting/creative writing classes at no charge in local schools, and twice weekly at the Taos County Juvenile Detention Center. They support the work of local playwrights with readings and productions, regularly produce both original and published plays, and make their 36 seat black box theatre available to other acting companies both local and touring, as well as to area schools.

Metta Theatre's - more specific, it's creator's -Bruce McIntosh- dedication & selfless work inspired me to return the love, as much as I could -and this is how Meda 4 Metta was born.

Doing something for a greater cause is infectious, has a ripple effect. Love Is the most powerful force we know -it can grown  into so much more it can reach all around the world. It is endlessly adaptable, surprising and healing. It has the power to inspire us, to push our society forward. We just have to remember, and start the day saying: "may all hearts be open to the highest potential as I am now".

A good proof this magic already happens is the fact so many gifted musicians agreed to donate their time & talent to make Meda 4 Metta show possible...

Chris Morel is a guitarist and a renowned Taos visual artist/painter. Morel’s musical palette encompasses blends of blues, rock and country woven into his own unique delivery of notes, guitar licks and tunes that reflect his favorite styles and influences throughout his life.  You can find Chris performing with the AMB Band (Bob Andrews, Chris Morel and Brent Berry), a funky, bluesy, rock, R&B trio. Morel also has other musical projects emphasizing Country and Country Rock genres, collaborating with great local players such as Charlie Woehler in the “518’s band” and his son Chris Morel Jr.

Ryan Nobody - is a one man band. He uses Live Looping to create intricate songs that sound out of this world. Ryan’s sound mixes live guitar with electronic future bass. Using the latest technology in music production, he brings you a unique blend of organic and electric sounds. Ryan has been playing music for over 2 decades and has graduated from Berklee College of music.

Willy-Nilly is an open-band concept. A fluid, there-is-no-box place where musicians can come & perform together for as long as they feel called for & be featured with the band while it represents a mutually desired direction. This makes for a bunch of (very :) different people gathered around the (internal.. or not:) fire pit to make some funky blend of electronic and ethnic sounds, making for a very eclectic style music in a laid-back kind of Workshop Performance where everything and anything can (and should) happen. You're invited to witness a raw slice-of-life play-together right here, right now type of happening and participate if you feel the calling to do so! Or close your eyes and find the channel of cosmic rhythm that we tap into. Feel the love we share for this planet and all of its inhabitants. (full disclosure: this is the band I am the proud "mom" of... Meda 4 Metta show will get a Willy-Nilly with  Meda, Ken, Ryan, Janay', Richard Kline, Terry McCaulley)

Ken McNamara  is a long-time favorite of Taos theatergoers. He has carved out his place in the Entertainment stratosphere by singularly laboring to bring exceptionalism to all. Sometimes he performs original material but most of the time he just eats and sleeps.

Michelle McIntosh was born and raised in southern CA she pursued acting and singing there before moving to Taos in 1994 she is the proud owner of Michelles a women’s clothing store in Taos she is married to “Mr Metta” (ha ha ) their daughter Lindsay McIntosh is a police officer in Santa Fe.

William Hall has been singing since childhood. His first public gig was playing guitar to Dad’s Uke,  in Aloha shirts singing Tiny Bubbles, a popular drinking song in the 60’ Church. Through his 20’s he wrote and played, mainly in front of the mirror, dreaming the Dream. But life, is life. Recently Will has been acting and having a blast, but this year, it’s about confronting Fear, and this is a great opportunity to support a wonderful cause, and to get out there and sing! Thank you Michelle.

Janelle Christina Cordova was born March 3rd 1990 in Southern California. She spends much of her time in Taos NM where she works on music and care-taking at her family ranch.

Ashleigh Grycner is a native Taosena who enjoys embodiment, cold water and writing songs that sound like Medieval Madrigals.

Janay’ is premiering as a solo artist at Meda 4 Metta event after a 5 year hiatus! With an associates in Music and 2 bachelors degrees in Music education she steps onto the stage with a freshly wet toe and a desire to do the musical equivalent of the polar bear plunge. Keep an eye out for her in upcoming months around Taos.

Expect the unexpected... also: to be entertained by Metta Young Artists performing, play raffle (and win gifts from El Sandoval, Michelle, Cid's, Guerilla Graphix, Farmhouse Cafe, William 2 Hair Salon, El Gamal), dance with DJ Chrystalline, jam (if you feel so inclined), admire & purchase Petra's paintings, all while keeping in mind the proceeds will benefit Metta Theatre in their amazing work for the community.