Saturday Looks Good to Me

Volcano Rabbit and Wild Moccasins


Time: 9:30pm     Day: Thursday     Doors: 9:00pm     Ages: 21+ Ages     Price: $8
This Event Has Ended
Tags: Upstairs

Without ever straying from the goal of making perfect pop songs, Saturday Looks Good to Me draws deeper into a vault of personal feelingand intimate musical expressions, taking risks and trying to be as honest as possible. All the sounds are warm and urgent, joyful and kind of nervous, like an eerie celebration that starts right after something really horrible has happened. Lush string sections and electric piano lines dance with washed-out samples and bits of tape collages. Bouncy Smiths-like guitar lines stop abruptly and give way to White Album-esque melodies. Wordless voices rise up at once then fall away, everything has it's place. The lyrics and music both have shifted from the girl group melodrama of earlier records, replacing it with songs drenched in surreal joy, swimming pools with lightbulbs broken at the bottom, the end of the world in two lovers wrapped around each other on a rainy afternoon, houses made of books written by birds, all on fire.


9:30 pm
Wild Moccasins
10:15 pm
Saturday Looks Good to Me
11:30 pm
Volcano Rabbit