Unpopular Opinion Stand Up Comedy

FUNNY JOKES! Featuring Adam Tod Brown, Maria Shehata, Jeff May, and Cat Rhinehart

at Guild Cinema

November 17, 2014 10:30 pm - 12:30 am
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Time: 10:30pm     Day: Monday     Doors: 10:00pm     Ages: All Ages     Price: $5 - $7
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What is Unpopular Opinion?

For those of you who don't know, Adam Tod Brown writes a weekly column called "The People vs. Adam Tod Brown" for the Internet comedy website Cracked.com. He uses that column to put forth all sorts of crazy opinions. Then, he comes on this show to defend those opinions. Each week he welcomes some of the funniest comics working today along with his various Cracked co-workers to join him in sticking up for some of the most despised people, places and things the world has to offer. New episode every Wednesday!

 You can check out Unpopular Opinion right now.

Okay, so why is it a live show?

Well, now they are taking the show on the road with some of the best comedians that have been featured on Unpopular Opinion.. and Jeff May. Don't miss your chance to come see the funniest stand up comedy you'll see in Albuquerque! They will be at the Guild Theater on November 17th and 18th, with each show taking place at 10:30. The show features Adam Tod Brown, Maria Shehata, Cat Rhinehart, and.. Jeff May. We know you need a laugh. Just shut up and check it out.


How much does it cost?

It's 7 bucks, or 5 bucks if you have a UNM student ID. You'll be able to pre-purchase tickets in both formats, but be sure to have your UNM ID ready at the door if you buy the cheap ones. Otherwise, you'll owe us two bucks.


Where's it gonna be?

The show will be at the Guild Cinema, located at 3405 Central Ave NE, in Nob Hill. There's plenty of parking in Nob Hill at 10:30pm on a Monday or Tuesday.


I dunno, it's a Monday or Tuesday, and I have to work, and I have bills to pay, and my life is meaningless.


Jesus, you talk a lot. Those are reasons WHY you should go to a comedy show on a Monday or Tuesday. You need a little joy in your life, or to at least be able to laugh at the misfortune of others. Live a little, you'll like it.




  Adam Tod Brown is an editor and columnist at Cracked.com and host of the damn amazing Unpopular Opinion Podcast. As coincidence would have it, he also hosts a stand-up comedy show of the same name the first and third Tuesday of every month at Westside Comedy Theater in Santa Monica. He's performed at fun places like The Stand in NYC and The Improv in Hollywood and has written for the likes of Playboy.com, TheSmokingJacket.com, and Uproxx.com. He believes he can fly. He believes he can punch the sky.

 This is Adam Tod Brown's Twitter.







An Egyptian-American comedian, born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, Maria Shehata's unlikely blend of mideast and midwest gives her a point-of-view that is hilarious, unique, and universal. Maria’s stand up has been seen on Comedy Central’s The Watch List, Just Like Us: The Movie, NuVo TV's Stand Up and Deliver, and Showtime’s Bridging the Gap. Maria is featured in The Cradle of Comedy, a documentary following the lives of six Middle Eastern comedians. Maria has been invited to perform in numerous comedy festivals, such as the New York Underground Comedy Festival, the New York Arab-American Comedy Festival, The Los Angeles Middle Eastern Comedy Festival, the Big Sky Comedy Competition, and the San Luis Obispo Comedy Festival. She has performed all over the United States, as well as throughout the Middle East and Europe. 

Look for Maria in her hilarious award-winning web series My Super-Overactive Imagination and check out her podcast Little Ethnic Girls on RadioTitans.com!






 Cat Rhinehart is a Los Angeles-based comedian. Currently, Cat works as the producer of Ralphie May and Lahna Turner's Perfect 10 Podcast, as creator and writer of the award-  winning web series, My Super-Overactive Imagination,  and co-host of a weekly standup comedy show, The Aftermath, Tuesday nights at The Lexington in downtown LA.

 Check out Cat's site!

 Here's a video of Cat doin' her thing!






 Hey everybody! It's Jeff May! Jeff is a dude from Boston. When he lived in Boston, he was a teacher. After deciding he was miserable and having his heart broken, he decided to move across the country to follow his  dream of being a comedian. So, now he is an Uber driver in Burbank. When he moved to LA, he was initiated into the Crips, where he has slowly worked his way up the ranks with a laundry list of petty crimes. He will  literally do anything for a buck - one time, I saw him fist-fight a bear because someone offered him five bucks and half of a Subway sandwich. The bear won. Jeff's other notable achievements include winning the Male  Prostitute of the year award, looking just like Bradley Cooper, and doing a stand-up show in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

 In all seriousness, Jeff May is one of the funniest people in the world. You may have seen him perform at The Comedy Store, The Ice House, or at any number of Comic Book Conventions around the country. He is a  brilliant comedian, a wonderful guy, and a pretty good driver, too.

 You can see Jeff's twitter right here.


10:30 pm
Unpopular Opinion Stand Up Comedy
10:30 pm
Unpopular Opinion Stand Up Comedy