The Briefs, Giuda (Italy), Night Birds, Sharp Objects

at Thee Parkside

Time: 8:00pm     Day: Thursday     Ages: 21+ Ages     Price: $17
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The Briefs

The fall of 2000 was a time of innocence. Clinton was President. The Twin Towers were still standing. And Bob Seger still had his dignity. Then the Briefs burst onto the scene like a neutron bomb with the audaciously titled “Hit After Hit” and the punk rock landscape was changed forever.

Their ’77-style pop punk is loud, raucous and fierce, yet cohesive and hooky and hilarious. The Briefs are like a team of Chinese acrobats falling down the stairs on purpose. And when I say “pop” I mean popular in the broadest sense possible. The fifteen year-old mall hottie is a fan, but so is the 40 year-old stalwart with the pristine Undertones collection. Sure The Briefs wear their influences on their sleeve – Adverts, Buzzcocks, Weirdos to name just a few -- but they cop to them like junkies caught tying off in the alley with a skinny tie. They can’t help it. It’s in their blood. Listen you’ll understand. The groove is familiar but they’ve got a sound that’s all their own and uniquely unique. Infectious? Once they get in your ear, there’s no getting them out. The Briefs are mother fucking nerve agents for a diseased life.

Giuda (pronounced JEW-DA) are an Italian five-piece band from Rome, born from the ashes of one of the finest European punk rock groups, Taxi. They play the most exciting kind of retro-sounding rock’n’roll and junk shop glam. Their look of true working class heroes (boots, polos, chequered shirts, leather jackets and short or shaved hair) gained a touch of glam-kinda style over the years, better reflecting the rich patchwork of their music.

Night Birds

Pizza eating Jersey ponxx.

Sharp Objects

Sonoma-core in full effect: wine-infused punk rock harking back to southern California 1982. This little two song platter rocks. It's simple, but sometimes simple is so hard to do. Like their vineyard cousins MODERN ACTION, the SHARP OBJECTS are bringing melodic punk back into the mix without a hint of warped tour bullshit or Hot Topic poser-core. Early BAD RELIGION, the ZERO BOYS, ADOLESCENTS and a host of other classic bands come flooding to mind. This just sticks and grows and multiplies- now straight to my top ten with you. (Sean Dougan - MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL)

Flyer by Sean Pryor