Rufina Taproom Presents

Benzo III w/ Wheelchair Sports Camp

September 2, 2017 9:00 pm - 11:30 pm
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Time: 9:00pm     Day: Saturday     Doors: 8:00pm     Ages: All Ages     Price: $10
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Benzo III (Santa Fe, NM)
With all the potential to be a truly international success, 2015 New Mexico Music Award Winner Benzo III showcases full-spectrum star-power, performing a wholly kick-ass set of original music. Overflowing with northern New Mexico’s best young musical talent, Benzo III is led by a stellar, charismatic front man named Benito M. Martinez III. Playing genuinely unique sound, which some might say is Hip-Hop, but is really more of a progressive jazz-rock-funk-soul hip-hop with alternative hints of reggae and rap. *Winner of the 2015 New Mexico Music Awards for Best Hip Hop CD *First single “Heart-Beat” hit #1 on the AC Charts, #2 on Hip Hop, #3 on Indie Top 40 and #32 on overall Top 40 Charts from National Radio Stations
 Wheelchair Sports Camp (Denver, CO)

Denver's biggest smallest band.

"If there were ever a moment for a queer, disabled rapper with a love for pot, jokes, and revolution to be a star, the moment is now" - Village Voice 

Combining humor, playfulness, radical political perspectives, compassion and undeniable musical chops, Wheelchair Sports Camp is unlike any other hip-hop act around. Fronted by the wheelchair bound MC/beat-maker/activist/educator/shit-talker Kalyn, the band is a combination of live and electronic instruments with a more noisey, jazzy, experimental, combination to the traditional hip-hop group. The band has been featured on the cover of the Village Voice as well as in SPIN Magazine, Huffington Post, High Times Magazine and more. You can't really pin Kalyn's beats and collaborators to a specific era or subgenre of hip-hop, and she always switches up her configuration and presentation and methodology while making the music happen in consistently fascinating ways.

The band unknowingly started in the summer of 1997 when Kalyn moved back from Burbank, CA to her Denver hometown and was invited to attend and corrupt the 14th annual week-long Wheelchair Sports Camp. The band tours the states and beyond from their home in Denver, Colorado.