Rufina Taproom & Matron Records presents:

Mint Field / Chicharra / PSIRENS

March 20, 2018 8:30 pm - 11:30 pm
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Time: 8:30pm     Day: Tuesday     Ages: All Ages     Price: $8
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MINT FIELD (Tijuana - Mexico)


Tijuana is a place where good music happens, It is a border town with a very storied history - sometimes a history of union, sometimes of violence. Such history has given it its own flavor: a hybrid culture with many vibrant scenes and artists that have defied their borders, playing for their own crowds, outsiders who always carve their own road, going from place to place around the globe until they find their corner of the world.

Mint Field’s story is similar, but with its own set of peculiarities. As it is with Tijuana, Estrella Sanchez and Amor Amezcua believe their roots are in the city but are not defined by it; it’s where they jump to find their own way and make the world at large their home. Their sound backs up this attitude. It’s an organic sound inhabited by specters that lurk behind repetitive rhythms, where Estrella’s angelic voice evokes a supernatural world of beauty and melancholy built by rock instruments and synthesizers. Like spirits that wander through our reality, they don’t anchor themselves to one place, yet it’s probable that something like Mint Field might not have come out of anywhere else but Tijuana.

Mint Field are not spirits from beyond that have come to communicate with us through their own unique sound. In fact, they are two women that make incredibly evocative music; they channel their inspirations and influences to transmit sentiments of profound sorrow, nostalgia and immaculate beauty, revisiting sounds from the past to make them contemporary.

This emotion is imprinted on the band's first album, Pasar De Las Luces, a records that has been described by the band as “basically a compilation of our lives from two years ago to now.” A mixtape, if you will, of completely original songs that resound with their recent history. Most of the songs achieve much with just a few basic melodic ideas and other circular riffs that never become self-indulgent, rather they form fully realized and memorable songs. Sanchez’s voices seem to wander in and out of the picture like rays of pure sunlight on a cloudy day, giving a little color to something that is otherwise blue and dark. There are winks to many musical styles like dream pop, jangle pop, indie, twee pop, fuzz-saturated shoegaze, and the cycling repetitions of krautrock, as well as its basis of post punk with dark edges.

Pasar De Las Luces was recorded and mixed by Christopher Koltay at High Bias recordings in Detroit, MI. Mastering was done by Heba Kadry at Timeless Mastering in Brooklyn, NY. Artwork was done by Emilio Villalba.


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Chicharra (Albuquerque, NM)

Most of the time the word “heavy” is used in reference to metal or hardcore bands. For the last two years Chicharra has been interpreting it in their own way. Based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, a city surrounded by sometimes stark but always gorgeous desert, Chicharra were hardened in a brutal summer heat under the hum of swamp coolers. Their dynamic, delicate and heavy compositions reflect the love and grit it takes for something to grow where no one expects. Comprised of three bassist/vocalists (Marisa Demarco, Monica Demarco & Mauro Woody) and two drummers (Henry Hutchinson & John Butler), Chicharra weave together orchestral textures indicative of their name sake, the Chicharra. The word “Chicharra” means “cicada” but also, roughly, sound you can’t control in your environment--buzzers and bells, and people who talk too much. Responding to to all of these ideas, Chicharra invites a swelling cacophony into their songs with intense and emotive live performances.


PSIRENS (Santa Fe, NM)

PSIRENS is the ongoing project of solo vocalist Paris Mancini. Her performance consists of looping percussive bass and many intricate vocal melodies while sampling noise and beats. Her sound has been described as "cinematic" and "ethereal." She has been compared to St Vincent, Reggie Watts, Bjork, CocoRosie and TuneYards. She has performed in Latin America, toured extensively across the United States and a touch in eastern Europe. She has released 4 studio albums, 3 live albums and has been actively playing as PSIRENS since 2009. She is primarily based out of Brooklyn NY and Santa Fe NM.