Rufina Taproom presents:

Outstanding Citizens Collective / Height Keech / Ialive

Time: 8:30pm     Day: Thursday     Ages: All Ages     Price: $7
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Rufina Taproom & Outstanding Citizens Collective present:

Height Keech / Ialive / Outstanding Citizens Collective w/ DJ Cap


Height Keech

I'm Height Keech. I'm a rapper/ talk singer from Baltimore, Maryland. 


Height albums have been constantly changing since my self-titled debut was released in 2000. Bed Of Seeds is guitar-based garage rap. Height With Friends Versus Dynamic Sounds retraces the steps of The Cold Crush Brothers and The Fantastic Five. My current Unending Blaze EP merges minimal raps with post-punk beats. The Height catalog is ever-changing, but is intended to stand as one body of work. 

My music has been released on labels like Friends, Wham City and Illuminated Paths, as well as his own label, Cold Rhymes. I've collaborated with Wye Oak, Tobacco, Cex and CX Kidtronik. I'm one third of Shark Tank, my group with Grand Buffet’s Lord Grunge and B-Rich.

I've been on a perpetual tour for 16 years, crossing the country countless times and journeying out to faraway places like Paris, Romania and Moscow. Most of my tours are DIY affairs that touch down in houses, punk spaces and small clubs. I've done national tours with Dan Deacon and Ed Schrader’s Music Beat, and also joined Future Islands, Beach House and Jana Hunter on the Baltimore Round Robin Tour.


My new album, Mind Moves The Mountain, comes out on April 25th.



Hammering a stake in the not-so-fertile soil that is the modern music industry has proved too much for many talented and enterprising lyricists and producers. On the rugged battlegrounds of Philadelphia, only the most cunning and determined can carry the day. Hailing from the North Philadelphia neighborhood of Olney, Donovan “ialive” Phillips is a dual threat in the hip-hop realm. While his influences range anywhere from the murky, left-leaning sounds of the Definitive Jux era to psychedelic rock and early 21st Century pop punk, he is, first and foremost, a proponent of True School boom-bap.

His hip-hop lineage lies in the concentric circles of Philly underground acts like Outerspace, Electric City and the Illvibe Collective, but ialive has carved out a signature production sound and microphone acumen. His first break came through forging a relationship with Bostonian/Def Jukie Mr. Lif, producing a remix for “Phantom” in 2011; a beat tape, Audio Art, followed later that year.

His debut album, The Age of Reason, dropped in late 2012, brimming with brooding beats and probing, insightful lyrics. Further introspection and social commentary can be heard on his sophomore release, Awake In The Snakehole (2015) with features from Mr. Lif and Onry Ozzborn of Grayskul.

ialive is an artist that went left at the crossroads, putting heart and pure spirit in his music alongside his addled observations and a disdain for the systems that drain us of our humanity.


Outstanding Citizens Collective & DJ Cap

The Outstanding Citizens are a mainstay in Santa Fe's hip-hop scene. Founded in 2008 by Fluid, Benzo and Wolfman Jack, they were later joined by Rill and O.G. Willikers. With DJ Cap on the turntables, the OC has developed into a formidable live force. In 2017 the group expanded into the Outstanding Citizens Collective and now encompasses visual artists, DJ's, producers, dancers and emcees. In 2017 alone, the group released four records, several music videos, completed two regional tours, organized an art exhibition and performed along side several nationally acclaimed hip-hop artists.