"The Strange Parade's 100th Show Anniversary" (Doors Tribute) with "Ten Years Gone" (Led Zeppelin Tribute)...dual headline show!

at Buffalo Rose

February 9, 2019 7:30 pm - 11:00 pm
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Time: 7:30pm     Day: Saturday     Doors: 6:30pm     Ages: All Ages with Parent or Guardian 21+     Price: $12
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Note: Tickets are $12 in advance (with $4.16 in fees), $14 day of (with $4.27 in Fees), $18.00 at door.  There may be a $1.00 handling fee as well.  All seats are limited and "General Admission"...first come first serve.


7:30 pm
Ten Years Gone
9:45 pm
The Strange Parade (A Doors Re-Creation)
Ten Years Gone

The Ultimate Live Tribute to Led Zeppelin’s vast catalogue. We are blessed with the musicians that have the passion, know the history, familiar with both the studio recordings and live shows, plus a dash of talent; to be able to bring a huge repertoire combining the best of the studio and live. Led by John McGahs’ soaring vocals, Jonathan Zureks’ true to tone Lead Guitar work with the famous Marshall and Les Paul combination, as well as his acoustic touch and mandolin playing, Ten Years Gone has tall the tones of Zeppelin shows and records past. With the masterful Joe Lederman on Drums thundering along like Bonham, multi-instrumentalist Bill Galey on Keys and Acoustic guitar; playing all the orchestra style strings, organ, and piano; and then performing all your favorite acoustic songs, Breton Perrin on Rhythm and Acoustic, and Menandro Pena on Bass, Ten Years Gone has both the Lead and Rhythm section to be able to re-produce all the hits, deep cuts, and folk-inspired acoustic songs in a way that is so faithful to the Studio recordings, and captures all the Light and Shade of Led Zeppelins Epic Live Performances. We are the curators, we get to carry it through time for a while, we hold the music and legend of the band in the highest regard, and in the end, we play Led Zeppelins’ music because we absolutely love it.

The Strange Parade (A Doors Re-Creation)

The Strange Parade is the Doors concert experience, live and revived. Not a single song is a copy of an album recording; everything the band does is inspired by the live direction of the original group. Four members, improvisation, theatrics, and the unknown -- these are the elements of The Strange Parade:

Matthew Barham, the singer and frontman, leads the group delivering the energy and voice of Jim Morrison no holds barred. The homework has been done, and this means unexpected ramblings and performances that dig deep into not only the Doors music and Morrison's poetry, but into the scattered history of rock and roll music itself, and the obscure.

Ryan Millard plays the guitar for the group -- a lively and studious musician, he can also be seen performing for the Boulder Dinner Theater as well as the Midtown Arts Center in Fort Collins. Whether taking off on roaring solos or providing a harmonic companion, Ryan follows and leads with his instrument, ready to go wherever the music intends on each unique night.

An award winning composer, arranger, and you-name-it-he's-probably-done-it of twenty-five years in the music industry, David Wohl is the the musical glue of The Strange Parade. Cascading keyboard runs, soaring jazz solos, and a solid left hand taking on the bass at the same time -- David takes Manzarek's legacy and runs with it. Anywhere the music goes, expected or improvised, David is there with it, giving it a channel to follow.

Like the lightning before the thunder, Tober Schorr sends the energy the band thrives on through his drums and into the bones of each member, striking with a ferocious crack that keeps the groove propelled and tight. Studious of the original material he takes what came and pushes it forward into what can be; nothing is beyond his reach, and when the others spiral outwards into the music they can look to the heartbeat he provides and find a way back to the ground.