DL Downer aka Mr Suga Boom Boom Live In Rock Springs

at Eagles Aerie 151

Time: 7:30pm     Day: Wednesday     Doors: 7:00pm     Ages: All Ages     Price: $15
This Event Has Ended

After spending 10 years in prison and living a lifestyle that he didn’t want anymore, Downer got out in 2010 and got a great job in the oil fields as a supervisor for Advanced Industrial Services.

Music has always been in his blood and something that has been a driving force in his life for over 20 years. Realising his dream of writing and performing his music in late 2014, he began recording his life stories, combing street poetry with music. His music is filled with passion, heart and soul and tells his story just the way he wants it to be told, without the sugar coating. Since becoming a free man, Downer has changed his life in so many positive ways, and helping all around him he can to make a difference. Down3r is a positive voice shining through the clutter in the world, who is now connecting to millions of fans each and every day, telling his story, with his life experiences to guide him.

In 2015 Down3r’s star just didn’t start to shine it just went supernova from the moment his song “Suga Boom Boom“ was released on Facebook. The song took on a life of its own through social media and has never stopped connecting with people.

As Down3r says:

“Suga Boom Boom is a song about part of my life and its real, the emotion is there in my voice and I felt every word that said and I think that is what all my fans and people who love to song connect to. The song has allowed me to record more of my music and now the world is calling for me so I am now making it my life’s mission to deliver. I am ready to take my music to the world and make a positive impact on everyone who comes in contact with it.”

With support slots with major Hip Hop and Urban acts completed and over 150 shows under his belt in the past 24 months, the momentum is not slowing down. Down3r’s super nova star just keeps getting brighter and brighter.

There is no need for hype and spin or slick marketing statements as the social media stats speak for themselves. If there is such a comment that can describe the impact that Down3r has had it could only be that since releasing Suga Boom Boom “ he broke the internet “ when he started his music career and replaced it with Down3r net. He has over 45M plays on social media and growing. His radio fans never stop calling the stations with over 100,000 fans leaving comments on various internet, community, digital and terrestrial radio platforms over the past 18 months.

James Williams aka Downer is a DJ Central Records and Blue Pie Records USA artist. Down3r has an EP and several singles out now at all leading digital retailers on the planet. Just search “downer | down3r suga boom boom” in GOOGLE.