ABQ Virtual Jewish Film Festival

Mrs. G

August 17 - 19 Virtual Screening

Zoom Discussion: 8/19 at 7 pm

Time: 7:00pm     Day: Monday     Ages: All Ages     Price: $8 - $15

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The ABQ Virtual Jewish Film Festival Presents: 


Mrs. G

Israel, 2019, Documentary, 54 minutes, English/Hebrew/Hungarian, English subtitles

Director:  Dalit Kimor

Screening: 8/17 - 8/19

Zoom Discussion: 8/19 at 7 pm


Please note that ticket sales will end on August 19, 2 pm



This is the inspiring story of Lea Gottlieb, Mrs. G, founder and designer of the legendary Gottex swimwear label and empire, started in her tiny Tel Aviv apartment. Gottleib was a woman full of contradictions, but she knew how to recover from periods of crisis – from surviving the Holocaust, establishing a small factory in Israel, to her phenomenal success abroad.  The film follows Mrs. G’s incredible creativeness and ascent to worldwide success, alongside her:  dominant personality, complex relationships with her two daughters, who both worked for the family business, her unbridled passion, and how she made complicated personal decisions (for which she paid a heavy price) while trying to keep her business afloat. View the trailer here!


 How does a virtual film festival work?

  • The film will have a 48 hour viewing period from August 17, 7pm - August 19, 7pm. You must watch the film during the viewing period. 
  • You will receive a link and password to view the film 24 hours before the screening period starts. Be sure to check your Spam folder. 
  • Internet speed is essential to home-viewing. If you haven't streamed movies at home before, we recommend running a speed test for your internet at https://www.speedtest.net to make sure you can easily stream the film. The minimum download speed is 10Mbps, but we recommend 25-35Mbps for optimal viewing. Additional information about streaming is available at our website, https://www.abqjewishfilmfest.com

 What is the differences between "Individual" and "Household" tickets? 

  • Individual Viewing: intended for individual use
  • Household Viewing: intended for 2+ people to share & watch together within one physical household

Questions? Email mayas@jccabq.org