(July 13-August 31) THE OUTPOST LATE NIGHT BAND (Adult Class) More Advanced Level (IN PERSON)

Taught by Kanoa Kaluhiwa

at Outpost Performance Space

Time: 7:00pm     Day: Wednesday     Doors: 5:30pm     Ages: All Ages     Price: $90 - $100
Tags: class

Wednesdays, July 13-August 31 (8 weeks, 7-8:30pm)
$100/$90 Members
Class limit: 12  /  Minimum: 7

It’s not as late as Late Night with Letterman, but this Late Night Band has some fun swingin’ with a bunch of great tunes! In this class, participants will learn 3 to 5 tunes by ear (mostly jazz but not limited to jazz and possibly more difficult tunes than the 6pm class) with a focus on learning the melody, harmony and rhythm, as well as an opportunity to try out short portions of solos. Participants will do some reading of charts written by Kanoa or excerpts of solos, as well as other play-along books. They will discuss each of the main elements that make up a jazz (or other) composition: melody, harmony and rhythm, as well as listen to the original recordings of the tunes.

In keeping with the CoVid Safe policies of the Outpost Performance Space, masks must be worn by all who can do so and still play their instruments (i.e. drummers, bass players, keyboard players, etc). We are no longer requiring proof of vaccination or negative PCR test to participate in the in-person classes.  We will continue to make an effort to maximize the distance between participants in the in-person classes!

One of New Mexico’s most sought-after saxophonists, tenor saxophonist Kanoa Kaluhiwa started playing professionally while in High School and received two scholarships to the Eastman School of Music summer Sessions in New York. He also studied for two years at the Berklee School of Music in Boston.