Underworld opera, Line51 beer, Ungaffable Productions present:


sunny days

On the godamn street 3rd x Castro Outdoor Location of Doom

June 23, 2023 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm
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Time: 7:00pm     Day: Friday     Doors: 6:00pm     Ages: 21+ Ages    
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Drugz Bunny is mourned
The Fallen return

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Hoodslam - Sunny Days
6/23/23 6ish doors/7 PM showOakland, California21+ dontbringyourfnkidsStreaming on fite+ I thinkbirdswillfall.com // @hoodslam on thingsPreviously, on Hoodslam - The Fallen first appeared at 3/3/23, where they emerged from a tear in reality and killed four of our roster, including our champion. She, an angel with an exposed golden skull. Her shadowy demon consort. Hollywood CerealMan who emerged here years ago and acted as a sleeper cell. Evil demon Lil BJ, a creature that came to our dimension last fall and embedded itself as the reincarnated dog of Sweet Boone : they returned at 6/2/23 and threatened to again decimate our roster.The EMO Heads Brooke Havok and Brutally Emo Rob Hands were able to kidnap one of the Fallens flock, the demon dog that killed Robs friend Sweet Boone. It was at the expense of Emo Head Alan Angels. Hoodslammers were able to rescue him from sudden death, but Anton Voorhees had the triangle ripped off his face in bloody consequence. Others were able to retreat with the wounded, but Drugz Bunny chose to fight. Once more The Fallen fatally massacred one of ours when She used our Golden GiG Championship to slit the throat of Drugz Bunny.At 6/23/23 - with another of ours dead and one of theirs captured - The Fallen again descend upon Hoodslam.Featuring:VipressDARK Sheik MacDaddy M Y L OBOOM GANGPitFall JonesLara FrazierEl Chupacabra Juice LeeCereal ManKidd Bandit debutsMore to be announcedHosted by Broseph Joe Brody Card Subject to Extinction