Apple, the Apple logo and iPhone are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. | Photos by
Apple, the Apple logo and iPhone are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. | Photos by
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    Not just a ticketing system

    HoldMyTicket is the Solution

    We provide anyone who sells tickets with a complete ticketing platform and much more. Our robust web-based applications handle all aspects of ticketing and event promotion. Continue the tour to find out more!

  • Quick and Easy

    Online Checkout

    Ticket purchases are made quickly without the time consuming and often annoying process of creating a user account or remembering a password. A valid credit card is all that is necessary to purchase tickets!

    On the Move

    Mobile Checkout

    We make it simple for buyers to purchase tickets on phones. Our checkout is optimized for the small screens of smartphones.

    Our mobile friendly eTickets with QR codes can be displayed and scanned directly off of the phone at the event saving time and paper!
  • Solid and Reliable

    Online Security

    We provide an ultra-secure checkout so that ticket buyers will be confident that their credit card data will never be compromised.

    We meet and exceed Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS), and utilize 256-bit SSL technology for secure transactions.

    On Site When You Need Us

    Box Office Services

    Do you need to sell tickets on site the day of your event?

    We’ll provide professional staff equipped with a mobile box office setup to handle walk up cash and credit card sales. We’ll also provide ticket scanners to validate entrants at the doors.
  • Sell & Print Your Own Tickets

    Box Office Solutions

    Use HoldMyTicket's point-of-sale application to sell tickets at a venue’s box office or other retail location.

    Our simple and easy-to-use ticket selling application is easy for any box office employee to learn in a matter of minutes.

    Will Call Made Easy

    Buyer Lookup & Check-in

    We provide the ability to lookup and/or validate tickets by scanning them with a standard laser barcode scanner or with an Apple® iPod® or iPhone®. By scanning tickets you can track the validation timeline and view attendance statistics in your event reports.

    Read more in the 'Validate' section of this tour!
  • Track Everything

    Cash Handling

    Using our point-of-sale box office software, cash ticket sales are recorded and logged into our secure servers. Every ticket, be it sold for cash or credit, will be accounted for.

    Empower Your Team

    Manage User Access

    Support for multiple users allows you to work with co-workers or event partners. Each user login can be assigned permissions so you control their access levels.
  • General Admission, Preferred, VIP

    Ticket Types

    Our software allows you to have multiple ticket types for your events. For example you can have tickets for Adult, Child, VIP, etc. If you’re selling tickets at a seated venue you can assign tickets to each section of the venue, in addition to having general admission tickets available.

    You Control Ticket Sales

    Start, Stop, Schedule

    You have full control of when you want to start, stop or schedule ticket sales to turn on. It's as easy as clicking a button to start or stop sales. You can even set different pricing for day-of and door tickets!
  • Will Call, eTickets, Credit Card Entry

    Delivery Methods

    You can choose to have your tickets delivered as print at home ‘eTickets’ or use a ticketless ‘will-call’ list to validate entry. eTickets are validated using mobile ticket scanners. You can also easily validate by swiping the credit card used for purchase.

    From One To A Million

    Control Inventory

    Sell as many (or few) tickets as you want. We do not impose limits or quotas on your event ticket sales.
  • Need Hard Tickets?

    Ticket Printers

    Our software integrates directly into industry standard BOCA® ticket printers. You have the option to run your own box office to sell and print your own tickets. You also have the option to use our ticket stock or create your own custom design.

    HoldMyTicket Presents...

    Custom Ticket Text

    This feature allows you to set custom ticket text for any event. You'll have the ability to control exactly what your tickets say and how they look. Control font sizes and preview the tickets before you print.
  • Enter "radio7" for half off

    Coupon / Promo Codes

    Create as many coupon or promo codes as you want. Great for offering deals to early birds, partners & VIP guests. You control how many deals are available!

    Increase Revenue

    Convenience Fees

    We have some of the lowest fees in the industry, low enough that you can add a fee and still keep the fees lower than our competitors. As a seller you make 100% of ticket face value.

    Buyers don’t like fees, so why not hide them? You can wrap the ticket face value and fees into one price so what you see is what you pay.
  • Hassle-Free Assigned Seating

    Interactive Seating Charts

    Mapping Your Venue

    If your venue has assigned seating HoldMyTicket will create an interactive seating chart that will allow ticket buyers to choose their exact seats. We also have a "best seats available" option.

    We will configure default seating groups for your venue but our flexible seating system will allow you to quickly adjust pricing tiers or to create custom ticket prices in the venue at any time. You can easily create different pricing setups for each event.

    Assigning Seats

    When creating an event it is simple to assign tickets to the different sections of the venue. It is as easy as creating a ticket price and linking that ticket to the section(s) of the venue.

    Selecting Seats

    Your patrons will enjoy the freedom and simple process of selecting their own seats when they buy tickets. Buyers are presented with an interactive view of the venue and are able to zoom in/out and pan around to the different sections of the venue until they find the seats that they are looking for.

    Works great on iPad®, iPod® & iPhone® & Android® Devices!
  • Ticketing For Any Kind of Event

    Venues, Festivals & More

    Whether you have many events spread across multiple venues, one-off events, or something in between, we provide ticketing services that will work for you!

    Promoters love that they can manage all their events across multiple venues in one central location. See all events in one view, or filter events by venue or use our quick search to pull up any event instantly.

    Every Event Gets a Webpage

    Custom Event Pages

    Each event gets it’s own page which can be customized into a mini-website with event details, bios, photos, videos, music, maps, etc. You can easily upload background images and customize colors.

    Every page is optimized for search engines and has a permalink, a unique url that can be shared across the web.
  • Easy Event Setup

    Publish, Hold, Announce

    Our user-friendly interface is intuitive and straight forward. Just fill out your event info, attach media and you’re ready to publish your event to calendars across the web.

    If you’re not ready to publish yet, just place your event on hold, or schedule a time to announce your event.

    Helpful Tools Are Everywhere

    Bells & Whistles

    You get every feature imaginable to help you manage your events.

    Manage repeating events. Keep track of event specifics with event notes. Share event audits with our password protected event tracker. Specify showtimes, upload event media, the list goes on....
  • Use Your Current Site or get a New One

    Website Integration

    We integrate event calendars into your website so visitors can buy directly from your site. Any event calendars across the web will dynamically update your events as you publish/hold them from your HMT account.

    Need a website? HoldMyTicket-fueled websites can be easily maintained with our built-in CMS (Content Management System).



    Events can be sent as Twitter® notifications on demand or automatically on the day of the event.

    You can also post tweets with real-time updates like event announcements.

    Patrons can also tweet about events and ticket purchases.
  • Like, Share, RSVP


    With over 750 million active users and growing, Facebook has become THE place for people to network.

    We have a Facebook® app that automatically pushes your events and 'BUY TICKET' links to Facebook.

    People can also ‘share’ or ‘like’ events from your website, event page or checkout screen.

    Get Band Bios and Media Easily®

    We have integrated with’s open source database of artist bios and media, making it easier than ever to publish your events complete with artist information and media.

    Just attach an artist to an event on and that artist's bio and photos will be automatically loaded into the event page!
  • Embed and Promote

    Web Widgets

    We provide cut-and-paste widgets for flyer slideshows, event calendars, email newsletter signup, buy buttons, calendar icons and more.

    Choose between javascript and Flash® methods, customize date formats and layout!

    Scans Links to the Event Page

    Event QR Codes

    Every event you create has its own unique QR Code! This code will be easily scannable by iPhones® and other smartphone devices. Add these QR codes to your printed flyers so customers can snap a pic with their smartphone and instantly go to the event page to purchase tickets!
  • Mobile is the Future

    Mobile Websites

    We provide special optimized websites for mobile devices such as the iPhone®, Android® or Blackberry®. Visitors using smartphones will be redirected to the special mobile version for a better user experience. Customers can easily purchase tickets on their way to the event!

    Feed Your Events

    iCal, RSS, API...

    HoldMyTicket provides the ability to push event data to various data protocols. You can easily share iCal or RSS feeds so people can subscribe to your event calendar on their computers or mobile devices.

    Our API (Application Programming Interface) allows you to program event data however you need.
  • See exactly where you stand

    Real Time Statistics

    HMT provides analysis on real-time data, allowing you to track sales and stats. You can view up-to-the-second data of ticket sales, calendar views, event page views, mobile views, API requests and more.

    Your accountant is gonna love you!

    Detailed Sales Reports

    HoldMyTicket provides robust reports and audits for cash, credit card and online sales with graphical illustrations. Every conceivable aspect of ticket sales is covered simply and accurately.
  • The world's greatest

    Event Reports

    We breakdown every event’s sales data by ticket type, transaction type, sales source, party size, city, state, page views and much more.

    View graphical sales, validation and attendance timelines. The Google map overlay shows you exactly where people are coming from!
  • Barcode Validation

    eTickets & Hard Tickets

    Wireless Scanning Application

    Our free iOS® app, SPARK, is downloadable in Apple’s App Store®, so if you have an iOS® device you’re ready to scan eTickets or hard tickets using the camera on your device.

    Additionally, we can equip you with a special battery case that has a laser barcode reader and credit card swiper. This scanner runs SPARK® and provides the fastest scanning for high-volume entry. Multiple scanners can run simultaneously and communicate with each other in real time, virtually eliminating fraud.
  • Go Green!

    Ticketless Entry Options

    Electronic Will Call Lists

    We offer interactive will call lists that allow you to check attendees in using your iPad®, iPod®, iPhone® or any kind of laptop, allowing you to track attendees and validation stats.

    Credit Card Validation

    An iPod® scanner equipped with a credit card swiper can be used to validate entrants by swiping the credit card they used to purchase tickets.

    Will Call Lists

    Print an easy-to-read list of attendees and check them in using photo IDs.

  • Take your box office anywhere

    Mobile Solutions

    Laptop + Card Swiper + Scanner

    With a laptop and a two simple accessories you can take your box office anywhere and have a full-blown mobile box office solution. Attach a USB credit card swiper and you’re ready to make credit card sales and use a USB laser scanner to validate tickets.

    Our computerized will-call lists can be used to validate entry and keep track of ticket entrants.

Case Studies

  • The Egyptian Theatre, located in Park City, Utah, is managed by Randy Barton. Prior to working with HoldMyTicket, Randy was dealing with an antiquated ticketing system. HoldMyTicket was the perfect solution to get the theatre up to date and in the cloud.
    "HoldMyTicket was one of the best things to ever happen to our theatre. They have been so marvelous to work with. Always responsive and concerned about our needs... Our ticket sales and marketing abilities have been enhanced enormously with customized improvements and functionality."

    Randy Barton - Egyptian Theatre - Park City, Utah

    read the full case study here
  • Rich and the Santa Fe International Folk Art Market, began working with HoldMyTicket for the 2012 Market, with the objectives of alleviating ticket lines, streamlining day-of sales, and utilizing detailed financial and attendance reports.
    "I can’t say enough good things about HoldMyTicket, you’ve made my life a lot easier!"

    Rich Moore - Santa Fe International Folk Art Market - Santa Fe, New Mexico

    read the full case study here
  • Before working with HoldMyTicket, Isleta Resort & Casino was dealing with long ticket lines, cumbersome event management software, and poor online tools to promote their events. HoldMyTicket provided Isleta Resort & Casino with an all-inclusive ticketing solution.
    "We've been extremely impressed with the service provided to us by HoldMyTicket. The service is excellent, and the personnel I work with are great. No request is out of the question, and can usually be accommodated in a reasonable timeframe. Very responsive team and easy company to work with. HoldMyTicket has become a valuable tool for determining how we can better satisfy our customers. I enjoy our partnership!"

    Isleta Resort & Casino - Albuquerque, New Mexico

    read the full case study here
  • Before working with HoldMyTicket, the KiMo's Theatre Manager, Larry Parker, was faced with inefficient event ticketing setups and payout delays imposed by their ticketing provider. Their switch to HoldMyTicket resulted in solutions to their existing problems, and also provided many unforeseen benefits.
    "The KiMo Theatre and the City of Albuquerque are very happy with our business partnership with HoldMyTicket. The internal systems are easy for customers and theatre staff. The staff at HoldMyTicket are knowledgeable and have been able to provide the solutions needed for any ticketing issue in a timely manner. We look forward to continuing this partnership."

    Larry Parker - KiMo Theatre - Albuquerque, New Mexico

    read the full case study here
  • KTAOS Solar Center was operating an old-school approach to ticketing, and couldn’t provide concert goers with the ability to buy tickets online. HoldMyTicket stepped in, and transformed their ticketing system into an efficient, accessible solution.
    "We discovered Hold My Ticket in 2011 and couldn’t be more happy! The Hold My Ticket staff is very friendly and eager to assist if any questions arise. I would recommend Hold My Ticket to anyone wanting to streamline their ticketing process."

    Shannon Black - KTAOS Solar Center - Taos, NM

    read the full case study here
  • In the fall of 2012, the Southern New Mexico State Fair & Rodeo implemented HoldMyTicket’s Mobile Box Office solution SWARM to accept credit cards and log cash sales at its main gate to the north of the fairgrounds. The five-day annual event takes place in Las Cruces, NM and attracts thousands of people from the surrounding areas of southern New Mexico and western Texas.

    The Southern New Mexico State Fair - Las Cruces, NM

    read the full case study here

    HoldMyTicket is here to help!

    Submit a support ticket or send an email, and we will do our very best to assist you.

    Also visit our knowledgebase that has useful information that may answer your questions.

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