With HoldMyTicket it is easy to automate your announcements and keep in sync with your marketing plan. Set up a date and time to announce your event to the world. Configure your announcement to automatically send out tweets and Facebook posts too.
Event messaging allows you to reach your patrons via email or text. You can simply compose a message then target the patrons, whether it is the entire list of event-goers, or pinpointing to a single type of ticket-buyer. This is very useful to inform your customers of changes to your event, or to give special instructions before the show. Never skip a beat with your patrons, making them feel closer to the event than ever.
Internal Use
Need internal calendars available in the office only? You can set up calendars that are shared to your team and are password protected. You will get a iCal subscription URL allowing you to subscribe to Google Cal, iCalendar, Outlook and other popular calendar applications. This is very useful when you need to share your calendar across the team and outside third party companies.
Get organized with our event-management app, SPARK. SPARK allows you and your staff users to manage, publish, and promote events with ease. From a bird's-eye view you can see how your sales are performing and control every aspect of the event. You can quickly grasp what events are going on sale, being announced and happening all from a single view.
Become a pro at promotions with our easily customizable newsletter tools and social networking. Drag and drop flyers into event posting forms, embed media, choose from color themes, or get creative with your own HTML specs. You will be able to build newsletters faster and more accurate than ever. We use all the data you have already inputted for your event, eliminating the need for double data entry.
Get the word out with our publishing features. HoldMyTicket will feed your events to your website, facebook page, social networks, and any affiliates that can read and parse RSS feeds. Eliminate the need of managing many different parts of your event's network with SPARK. All venues have a public iCal and API feed allowing third parties to subscribe to your calendars.
Need to collect information from your patrons? With our survey tools you can capture everything you need to know, from t-shirt size to where they heard about the event. Your options are limitless. You can build statistics for each event and run reports for all venues to get a snapshot of surveys on your patrons.
Get events out to your social networks. Promote on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram just by creating and managing your events on SPARK. We have deep API connections into the popular social networks allowing for quick and easy marketing.
Box Office
Use our point-of-sales solution, SWARM, to manage your own box office at your venue. You can sell, print, and validate tickets which all report back to SPARK, allowing for seamless and efficient integration. Swarm runs on Desktop and Mobile devices. Upgrade to Linea Pro or Olli devices for large volume events. If you are in need of equipment, contact us to get a conversation started about your equipment needs.
Equipment & Hardware
We can provide all the necessary equipment and hardware so your venue/events can run as smoothly as possible. We will ship you equipment for on/off events if you meet the minimum requirement of 200 ticket sales the week prior to your event. If your venue needs a long-term solution we can provide you equipment at zero cost. HoldMyTicket's software integrate the industry leading ticket printers such as Boca, Stimare, and Zebra printers. Swarm runs on any Windows and Mac machines. We have a specialized application that enables simple printing configuration eliminating printing problems at the door. Swarm Mobile integrates with Linea Pro (barcode and credit card reader), Griffin Olli (barcode and credit card reader), iDynamo (credit card reader), Star Micronics (receipt printers), and ID Tech Shuttle (credit card reader).
Managing events at multiple venues is what HoldMyTicket was designed for from the inception. If you promote shows at many different venues we have you covered. You can merge and separate calendars by venues. Needing to manage different businesses under a single account is a critical need to adapt to the market today. With HoldMyTicket you can control multiple payees, websites, ticketing controls and staff users.
We know you have many events and little time to set them up. We added time saving event and ticket preferences helping you save time during the event setup. Choose from preferences that range from event duration, event start and door times, typical ticket price, general availability, seating templates, and so much more.
Instead of individually editing your website, ticketing app, affiliates, internal calendars, social networks and booking tools, you can use HoldMyTicket to streamline the entire booking, ticketing, and promotion aspect of your events. You can place holds on dates at multiple venues to control your availability.
Need help? We have you covered 24/7. You will have access to our support phone number and email support anytime you need us. We are here to help you make your event a success every time!
Badge Printing
Go for your own look with SWARM’s badge printing tool. Perfect for your event with VIPs or season-pass holders, you can design fashionable badges and link them to your tickets. Make a sale and print a badge on the spot, or choose from previous sales from your attendee list on SWARM. All you need is a color inkjet or laser printer. Slide it into a badge holder and all of your attendees will feel like VIP!
HoldMyTicket generates a unique barcode and QR code for every ticket purchased. This is the key to your patron’s entry into your event. SWARM’s Mobile Box Office will validate either thermal tickets using a laser barcode reader or QR codes on eTickets using your device’s camera. Scan a ticket and see if it’s valid, fake, if it had already been scanned, or even if it’s for the wrong event.
Hard Tickets
HoldMyTicket’s thermal tickets can display virtually any information you want about your event! SPARK’s ticket generator will automatically place the important details - time and date, venue, ticket type, and the transaction number. You edit the main text. Swarm even generates a thermal-ticket-friendly receipt, including all important transaction information. With an industry-standard thermal printer, SWARM lets you print and reprint tickets and receipts immediately after a sale, or print them later by using Ticket Lookup or the Will Call list.
Multiple Types
Design various ticket types for your event: VIP or GA, 21+ or under, early-bird, seniors, students, camping passes for festivals, and much more. If your venue has assigned seats, create ticket types according to your seating chart. Attach a price and an optional description to each type of ticket and patrons will feel safe knowing exactly what they’re buying.
On Sales
Waiting for a special date to release your tickets to the public? No need for watching the clock. SPARK let's you schedule the "on sale" time down to the second. When the announce date happens, your website, and social media automatically get populated with the latest on sale.
Online Checkout
Mobile and desktop friendly, online checkout is very simple for any type of ticket buyer. This secure checkout form requires just contact and payment information, the patron’s choice of ticket delivery, and an optional survey designed by you if you want to learn a little more about your customer base.
Pre Printed Orders
Need to sell tickets on the street or with the artists? We have you covered, just place an order in your SPARK account, our ticketing specialists will process your ticket order same day in most cases. You have the ability to customize 4 lines of text on the front of the ticket. Choose from 1st class priority or overnight shipping.
Social Discount
Let your patrons help you activate your social media presence. Offer promo or coupon codes to reward shares, tags, and tweets. Earn some fan support while your posts boost before your eyes!
Ticket Delivery Options
At checkout your patron has the convenience of choosing their method of entry into your event. You have the convenience of choosing their options. HoldMyTicket's eTicket option can be printed from a basic desktop computer, opened on a mobile device’s browser, or stored using Apple Passbook for quick retrieval later. All that’s needed is the ticket’s QR code. Other types of entry would include Will Call or credit card validation, requiring as little as a valid ID for attendee lookup or a quick swipe of a card. That’s almost too easy.
Communicate with your customer base using SPARK’s Event Messaging. Contact your event’s attendee list, your top-ranked customers, or a contact list you upload yourself with alerts on event updates and changes or even special offers. Our Newsletter tool is best for promotional content management. As quick as a few drag and drops, send your flyers out to subscribers in an instant email blast. Keep in mind, for happy customers, abide by our CAN-SPAM Act agreement and promise not to spam!
Our online and phone support services are open every day during box office hours. HoldMyTicket aims to simplify both the ticket buying and selling experience for every user.
SWARM's Shift CRM app gives you easy access to your customer's history with your events. Look them up by their name or email and navigate through records of their purchases with you, alterations to their reservations, and even notifications of their tickets being scanned.
Shift's Leaderboard feature conveniently organizes your customers by rank. This takes information from their purchase history, amount of activity with your HoldMyTicket events, and even amount of money spent. This is a very handy tool for locating your big spenders and active customers if you want to offer loyalty rewards.
With many different ways of purchasing tickets these days it is very important to track and learn where your audience is learning about events. With HoldMyTicket you can track your event page views, as well as how your patrons made their way to their ticket purchase. Whether it is a walk up sale, or online sale found on Twitter. Our reports will break it down and easily identify your pipeline of ticket sales.